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Reed about what the others say of the piano teacher Islington and Kensington and the way she teach.
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“Rina is an inspiring and encouraging teacher. Her love of music and positive and flexible attitude make every lesson a joy to attend. I have come from having no musical skills at all, to being able to enjoy playing lovely classical pieces by great composers in just two short years. Rina's fantastic teaching style opens up the world of music to people of all abilities, and most of all she makes learning piano fun.”

Morag McIntosh | Vision Mixer BBC News & adult student

“We met Rina through our daughter's nursery and she originally came to help Kathleen overcome her shyness from singing in front of an audience. Kathleen was just 3. Very soon, she was so inspired by Rina's accompaniment, she started to learn piano! Rina is an accomplished pianist and teacher, we have hosted a concert at home where Rina has charmed our guests. Rina has a special gift to inspire children with the beauty of music and to teach them in a way that feels playful and fun for them. Because of her gentle but very supportive teaching style, her students are motivated to do their best and grow as pianists ( children & adults alike) Rina also provides her students with an opportunity to demonstrate their learning each year in a beautiful concert performance!”

The Lord and Lady Leitch | Adult student & parents

“Rina has transformed my son’s experience of learning piano. She has given him space to appreciate and love the music he plays and he looks forward to his lessons each week. He is progressing rapidly and with enjoyment. Rina’s enthusiasm for teaching and pride in her pupils achievement was evident at their beautiful concert performance in the very special Holy Trinity Church in South Kensington - a wonderful opportunity to have efforts appreciated and applauded. For my son, learning piano is no longer a chore, but a keenly persuade interest.``

Karen Platt | Parent

“What a pleasure to express my experiences with Rina Groueva! Rina has taught piano to my boys aged 7 and 9 for five years. Outside her passion for teaching piano, she has a huge amount of personal talent and musical knowledge which she loves to share with the boys. I believe she has not only taught my boys to play piano, but has instilled the qualities of musical appreciation, and the joy of learning. Rina is also superbly flexible with her approach, especially when one of them is having a bad day and as a mother you appreciate this! I would wholeheartedly recommend Rina to anyone who wants to learn piano, enjoy music and have a bit of fun!”

Rebecca Jenks | Parent

“Rina has been teaching my two daughters for three years. Her love for the music is evident in her enthusiastic and energetic teaching techniques. She is amazingly patient with my daughters and able to make them enjoy the music. Also I was impressed by how much they could accomplish with her. She is a wonderful pianist and one of the best music teachers, and I highly recommend her!”

Vicky Bradshaw | Mother of Sora and Vera

“Rina has been our family’s piano teacher for 11 years. My elder son (17 years) had his very first instrumental lesson with her and is now preparing for Grade 8. She is a talented pianist and a skilled teacher. As well as preparing her pupils thoroughly for ABRSM exams, she is keen that they play all sorts of pieces and develop a love and understanding of music. Experience has taught us that she is as good with little beginner children as she is with proficient teenagers. I cannot recommend her highly enough.“

Anya Smeeton | Parent

“Rina has taught my daughters for many years. She combines warmth, patience and encouragement with high standards. My children have learnt excellent technique and have achieved high grades in exams, but more importantly they have loved their lessons with Rina. She genuinely enjoys teaching children, so lessons are fun and productive.”

Claire Davies | Parent

“Rina has taught both my children for many years. She is both professional and diligent as a teacher. She also gives a lot of positive encouragement which fosters a good relationship. Apart from the regular lessons Rina arranges an annual concert for all her pupils which gives them an opportunity to perform in front of each other and their parents. This together with her excellent teaching has meant that my children have found that learning the piano has been fun and enriching. I very much recommend her.”

Mark Hunter | Parent

“Rina has been coming to our house to teach piano to my daughter, Bella, for four years now. Bella has really benefitted from Rina's warm approach and sense of humor. She's great with children; kind and encouraging but also has a passion for her instrument which has helped to instill a commitment to the piano in my daughter, who is now busy preparing for her Grade 3. We love Rina and would wholeheartedly recommend her for would-be pianists!”

Victoria Heath | Parent

“Rina has taught my 7 year old son for a year and a half. He really looks forward to his lessons and has made great progress. Rina's teaching is always positive, encouraging and very motivating. Thanks to Rina my son has developed a real love for the piano.”

Lea Pessina Guenzi | Parent

“Until we met Rina, my girls and I did not enjoy learning the piano. Not only is she a ray of sun shining each time she enters our house, but is a fantastic teacher. She is excellent at explaining the rationale for what we are trying to do; very clear / simple to understand how and what to do; and also very patient. I would highly recommend her for children as well as adults!”

Ursula Rimbotti, National Gallery | Adult student & parent

“Rina is an inspiring teacher. She is patient and kind, she cares about all her pupils and brings out the best in each of them. Our boys flourish under her tuition, between them enjoying playing a mixture of classical and contemporary pieces, both for exam progress and personal enjoyment. Many of Rina's pupils know each other, as unsurprisingly she receives many personal recommendations. We all feel part of her musical family, and the annual concerts are a calendar highlight.“

Sarah Fryer | Parent

“Thank you so much for the truly excellent concert yesterday evening. We all absolutely loved it! It was so nice to hear children of all ages and abilities perform and very inspiring. It was also wonderful to see some of your adult pupils perform who were very brave... 
Finally, there was of course your performance, which was exquisite. 
We hope that a photograph and dvd will be available to buy so that we can enjoy it all over again.”

Karen Platt | Parent

“Rina has been teaching my children for over eight years now - my daughter has just passed ABRSM Grade 7 with Merit! She is an inspiring pianist and wonderful piano teacher, providing the discipline and encouragement that has enabled them to progress successfully through their exams, whilst being sympathetic to the demands of their busy lives. Through her lessons, my children have developed a genuine passion for the instrument and gained a wider appreciation of classical music. She comes highly recommended!”

Samantha Harrison | mother of Georgina (age 17) and William (age 10)

“Miss Groueva is a wonderful piano teacher, she has been teaching my 7 year old daughter for two years. She has excellent teaching skills and is very professional, she makes learning the piano fun. Miss Groueva shows great kindness and patience with my daughter and instinctively knows how to get the best from her, motivating her to do better all the time and to love each piece. I would highly recommend Miss Groueva to any student fortunate enough to work with her.”

Jamal Sawas | Parent

“We have known Rina for 8 years. She started to teach the piano to our boys from a very young age. Even my husband and I took lessons from her for a while. She is not only a great teacher but also always very pleasant and caring. She connects with the children in a positive way. We would highly recommend her for pupils of any age!”

Michael and Elif Ridley | Adult students & parents

“Rina is an accomplished pianist and a wonderful teacher. She is patient and kind and teaches the children piano without making it a chore. She's taught my 2 boys for the last 5 years from age 4. She is careful that the grading process does not dominate every lesson. She is happy to take breaks from grading if asked. I have been very pleased with her work. She is dedicated and very professional. I would strongly recommend her.”

Maria Elena | Parent

“I have known Rina for 3 years and as a mother of 13 years old daughter, I am very pleased with the results she brought to my daughter's music education.
Rina is a very experienced Piano Tutor who understands children's psychology and needs. She is also e very good musician with prolific knowledge of music and professional skills as a pianist.
Rina is calm and patient with my child and her resourcefulness in finding ways to build love for music in her pupils is limitless. Before I met Rina, I have changed few tutors for my daughter because she used to find the lessons boring and punishing. Rina has awaken her to the possibilities of playing the piano for pleasure and with inspiration.
Rina is very versatile and adjust her methods according to the specific needs of the individual child. My daughter loves popular music and was very discouraged by previous tutors to play it, which was making her very unhappy. Without lowering the standards of the lessons, Rina made room for practicing this type of music and this led to recovering my daughter's enthusiasm for playing piano.
As Rina's standards of teaching are very high, my daughter passed her practice and theory exams with high grades. This is due to the fact that during tuition Rina does not limit the lessons for the purpose of the exam but expands the range of knowledge and practice to develop a wholeness of her pupil. She builds a higher level of competence in her pupils than the exam level so that when they take the exam, it is an easy and pleasant task.
I highly recommend Rina to anyone who wants to learn to play piano”

Louise G. Gylsen | Parent