Piano lessons & music theory Islington | ABRSM exams
Piano lessons and music theory for beginners and advanced students from professional piano teacher in Islington and Kensington. ABRSM piano.
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One to one lessons for beginners from

children aged 4 to adults

From the very first lesson in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere, full of sense of fun, learning the piano is an enjoyable experience for both pupil and teacher. Through exploration games and stories with music, the young beginners are encouraged to unfold their potential, imagination and musical intelligence. Step-by-step, beginners are encouraged to develop manual dexterity through carefully chosen pieces for their charm, musicality and educational value. The basics of musical notation are introduced through a preliminary understanding of music theory which motivates pupils to think about what they are learning in context. This builds on the solid technical and musical foundations for the next stages of their music and piano education.

DoReMiFa Piano School prepares for ABRSM examinations Grades 1-3 Foundation level and Grades 4-5 Intermediate level.

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One to one lessons for advanced and professional levels

Students of advanced and professional levels are encouraged to create wider knowledge and detailed understanding of the music’s major building blocks – form and genre, structure and character, period and style. Through studying the masters they are stimulated to answer questions which require greater musical creativity and insights into composers intentions and interpretation. Building a strong piano technique by working on phrasing, sound quality and velocity is essential during the lessons as well as creating musical communication and performance skills. The aim is to give young musicians freedom of thought as well as the technical freedom of playing the instrument, to cultivate and enrich their emotional awareness, and to direct them into developing their own musical personality as intelligent all-round musicians.

DoReMiFa Piano School prepares for ABRSM examinations Grades 6-8 Advanced level and Diplomas.

Theory of Music and Musicianship lessons

Music is both an art and a science and it must be both emotionally appreciated and intellectually understood.

Understanding the fundamentals of music theory, the technical side of notation and learning the language of music with its essential elements (such as time values, clefs, scales, key signatures, time signatures, intervals, melody, rhythm and texture) is prioritized during theory lessons. Special attention is paid to developing music note-writing skills as well as a basic understanding of preliminary, tonal harmony, musical forms and history of music.

This introduction to the material of music and its general laws as applied by the great composers provides the students with the background necessary to understand the technical aspects of music whether they are listening or playing an instrument.

DoReMiFa Piano School prepares for all ABRSM  theory examinations, including Grade 5, Aural training and General Musicianship.

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